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Facial Serum

Facial Serum
Facial Serum
Facial Serum
Facial Serum
Facial Serum
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Made with certified organic ingredients. This little bottle is PACKED with all-natural goodness for your skin. My all-natural facial serum absorbs into your skin quickly to leave it feeling soft and silky - not greasy! Face serums are extremely concentrated, so a little goes a very long way. All-natural scent.

This fantastic serum is now available in two sizes, the .28 ounce (glass) bottle comes with an easy to use roll-on applicator, and the .169 ounce (amber glass) dropper bottle makes it simple to drop a tiny amount of serum onto your fingertip and apply, without wasting a drop.

Organic Ingredients: jojoba oil, argan oil,  rosehip oil,  evening primrose oil, castor oil, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed extract,  sea buckthorn oil, organic essential oils: German chamomile, geranium, frankincense, cypress, and Bulgarian lavender.

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